Scoop Publishware

Scoop is a editorial system that is very easy to learn and but still powerful to produce and handle content with both on Print and Digital channels. A well powered  technical and modular system solution for packaging and format your content. This system is really cost effective and it´s easy to build workflows that suits your needs.

is a newsroom workflow and content management system. It organizes copy and facilitates access to baskets, assignments, stories, article update history and other editorial essentials. Writers, photographers, paginators, editors and managers can easily access, create, edit and move articles.

Database Manager
Centralized control over the configuration of the majority of the system.
Includes configuring Users, Groups, Baskets, and Styles in place… and so much more!
We can even import styles from InDesign now!

Content Manager
Importing, exporting, moving, converting and cleaning of content.
 - Event driven tasks
 - Watched folders for instant actions
 - Receive emails and convert them to an article
 - Long-term logging
Scoop 7 can exchange material from and to most CMS's.

Product Manager
Centralized product handling, creating of InDesign documents and production overview.
Includes configuring product templates, creating and updating products.

provides a total overview of your editorial product at a glance. Live thumbnails, previews and page status indicators offer information on each editorial page during the pagination process, updated in real time.

is an editorial archive that locates published articles quickly and easily. Web-based searches, both simple and advanced, provide complete results including article text, graphics and PDF documents.



The Simplest Way To Place Content From WordPress or Labrador CMS To Adobe Indesign.

“Worlds easiest Digital First workflow integration with print production?”

CmsPublisher is the easiest, most cost effective ”Digital First” solution that ables you to place your web CMS content directly into InDesign. Maybe you have a WordPress or Labrador CMS web site and you want to produce a print product with InDesign, or maybe you already today use your Web CMS editor to produce both digital and print content.

Just drag & drop the content you want from your web CMS site into your print page and you will have your print edition ready in no time.

PS. We can also integrate with other CMS systems, just ask us.


Solutions partners


Provide your editorial staff with the best possible tool for your high traffic news website or magazine. Labrador is a cloud based Content Management System (CMS) for professional publishers and newsrooms that grow fast. 

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Work efficiently with your media assets.You need an intuitive, safe and affordable platform to organize, sync and share your media to match the demands of today’s media-centered world.

Whether you’re a marketer, creative or a producer, Media Pocket suits your DAM, MAM, PAM needs with its scalability and versatility. Use Media Pocket as it is or integrate with existing platforms to create a flawless content workflow. DAM can be more FUN!

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Innocode has developed a portfolio of innovative products that enable local media companies to build user loyalty and create new revenue streams by leveraging social media at the hyperlocal level. . Events, anniversaries, club information and other local content form the glue of our society. It is not about making something of little relevance available to many, but providing content of high relevance to each individual in a timely and cost-effective manner. The more relevant content you provide, the more valuable you become. All our products have this goal in common.

Innocode’s products are all white-label, fully customizable for your organization. If you are a local media company, a member of an organization, a local government organization, or any kind of company or organization providing local content, our products will enable you to aggregate, curate, and distribute this content in an easy and user-friendly way, generating traffic and new revenue.

LOCAL OFFERS - Swift and super-easy tool to add and aggregate social media content from local stores and businesses. 

MOMENTS - User created moments. Presented by you. 

CLASSIFIED - Innocode Classifieds is a modern and highly flexible platform that will automate production, modernize the presentation and give the advertiser a great user experience.

MARKET - A new and flexible self-service content marketing platform

COMMUNITY - Reclaim ownership of user-generated content

CALENDAR - Take ownership of local events

NEWSAPP - Offer a tailored and flexible news experience

RELEVANCE PANEL - Flexible and innovative tool

SOURCES - The latest news from your predefined sources, all filtered to create higher user relevance.